Storytelling Resources
Training Webinar

This training webinar provides an overview of impactful storytelling techniques. It covers topics like how to choose a story, develop a shot list and interview questions, and planning for successful production.

One-on-One Consultation Information
After you watch the training webinar, we encourage you to take advantage of FREE one-on-one consultations with video and marketing experts from See3 Communications. Before a storytelling consultation, you will be asked to fill out a pre-production packet, available to download below.

Examples of potential consultation questions:
  • Which family will make the better story?
  • How do we make an alumni interview more visually interesting?
  • What kinds of interview questions should we use to bring out the interesting anecdotes?
Go to our One-on-One Consultation page to learn more and sign up now.

Helpful Resources
Don’t forget to review our helpful resources.
  • Our Pre-Production Packet [   ] includes a story helper, scene and shot list, and interview questions.
  • A Creative Brief forces you to answer key questions such as “What is the primary content?”, and “Whom are you trying to reach?”
  • Download [ ] the Storytelling training slideshow, to take notes on the presentation, remind yourself of ideas or questions you had, and share the handout with others.

Contact us at with any questions.